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Three-Day   Skill   Building Workshop

NPCL is pleased to continue the work of Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) by providing three-day skill building workshops for practitioners working with young fathers. These highly interactive workshops have been well received by hundreds of practitioners around the country since 1994. Each workshop participant receives a copy of Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers, which was designed for use in P/PV’s Young Unwed Fathers Pilot Project. The workshops focus on facilitating peer support groups for fathers and include segments on planning a program, dealing with child support issues, funding, evaluation, and forming necessary service linkages. The goal is to provide practitioners with a range of tools and techniques designed to strengthen service delivery.

Major workshop components include:

  • Sharing information on best practices in the field regarding program planning and implementation.
  • Examining attitudes toward men and fathers in general and young never-married fathers in particular.
  • Meeting and interacting with a panel of young fathers
  • Reflecting on the range of services required to meet the needs of young low-income fathers and considering strategies to collaborate with other agencies.
  • Understanding issues of paternity establishment and child support for low-income fathers living in the era of welfare reform. (Most workshops will include staff from local child support offices that will provide information on local procedures.)
  • Sharing strategies for recruitment and retention of fathers, staffing, funding and evaluation.
  • Getting an overview of the Fatherhood Development Curriculum, seeing activities modeled and practicing facilitation.
  • Networking with other practitioners.

The Curriculum

Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers 

Fatherhood Development, which is available through participation in one of NPCL’s Skill-Building Workshops, addresses the real experiences and challenges of young fathers through 25 streetwise group discussion sessions that provide support, information and motivation in the areas of parenthood, relationships, sexuality, and responsible manhood. The curriculum was developed by Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) and field-tested in P/PV’s Young Unwed Fathers Pilot Project. Several practitioners have described it as the “glue” that makes their programs work. It is designed for use with fathers in peer support groups in programs that also provide, directly or through partnering organizations, a comprehensive array of services that include educational, employment, counseling, legal and other support services. The approach is designed to help young fathers deal with the pressures of early fatherhood; take steps to develop clear career development plans; develop an ongoing relationship with the mother of their children (whether or not this means marriage); and, most importantly, to ensure that they play an involved, positive role in the lives of their children.

The 25 sessions are organized around five areas of content, as follows: 


  • Personal Development--team building and discussion of values, manhood and self-sufficiency.  Fathers are encouraged to consider their own values; how they communicate those values to their children; and messages that society and their own families send them about what it mean to be a man and a father.


  • Life Skills--communication, decision-making, dealing with stress, coping with discrimination. 
  • Responsible Fatherhood--the heart of the curriculum: roles and responsibilities of fatherhood, child development, a father’s impact on his children, how to be a positive influence, handling the daily needs of children, effective discipline, negotiating the child support enforcement system works, etc.  
  • Relationships--effective communication, managing anger, resolving conflicts, negotiating relationships. Our new Relationships Module also contains six new sessions on Developing Strategies for Team-Parenting and Considering Marriage and Committed Relationships.  Receive a copy of these sessions by registering for the new one-day workshop Helping Fathers Develop and Maintain Positive Relationships. 
  • Health and Sexuality-- taking charge of your health, understanding sexuality, dealing with substance abuse, reducing sexual risks.


Working with Fathers Staff Training Workshops 

Research shows that children who grow up without a father actively involved in their lives are more likely to suffer negative consequences as they grow older than children whose fathers play ongoing, involved roles.  More and more family-serving agencies are recognizing the benefits for children and families of providing supportive services for fathers.  Are you working in an agency that is supposed to provide services to families but you actually serve very few fathers?  Do you worry that your agency is not father-friendly?  Are you committed to serving fathers but need additional tools to do the job well?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you will want to attend one of our workshops.  

The National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL) delivers a wide range of training workshops for management and staff of public and private family-serving agencies.  The workshops are designed to help build the skills of direct service staff working with fathers and families; encourage more awareness of the service needs of fragile families; facilitate program planning and capacity building; and promote collaborative community approaches.  Workshops available in 2006 include:

Working With Fathers: Building Skills for Practitioners.  NPCL's flagship workshop since 1996.  For direct service staff and managers who are closely involved with developing fatherhood initiatives.  All participants receive a copy of Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers.  (3-Day.) 

  • Developing Services for Fathers. Program planning steps, ways to assess staff and agency readiness, consideration of necessary services, and some initial action planning.  (One-day.)
  • Program Planning Issues.  Focus on the needs of fathers and program development ideas for program directors, managers and others who may be involved in developing or enhancing fatherhood initiatives.  (Half-day.) 
  • Awareness-Building.  Reflection on the roles fathers play in the lives of children; attitudes of staff toward working with men; and ways for staff to be more inclusive of fathers in their daily work activities.  (Half-day.) 


Helping fathers develop and maintain positive relationships. Helping parents develop and maintain positive relationships in the best interests of their children.  Introduction and modeling of a set of new, draft sessions for the Relationships module of the Fatherhood Development curriculum.  (One-day.) 

CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS--All of the above workshops can be tailored to the needs of particular organizations or communities.  For example, since 2000 we have provided a series of workshops specifically for Head Start agencies.  To arrange a customized workshop in your area, contact NPCL at 202-429-2027 or

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Working with Fathers: Building Skills for Practitioners 

NPCL's three-day skill-building workshops are packed with information, strategies and advice about how to recruit, counsel and support young fathers in their quest to be actively involved in their children's lives, despite a multitude of barriers.  Participants receive a range of tools and techniques designed to strengthen service delivery, including a copy of Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers, which consists of 25 sessions to use in parenting or peer support groups. These highly interactive and well-received workshops include:  

  • Information on best practices in the field for program planning and implementation;  
  • Examining general attitudes toward men and fathers;  
  • Meeting and interacting with a panel of young fathers;
  • Introduction to a process to assess the “father friendliness” of agencies; 
  • Reflecting on the range of services required to meet the needs of young, low-income fathers and considering strategies to collaborate with other agencies;
  • Understanding issues of paternity establishment and child support; 
  • Strategies for recruitment and retention of fathers; staffing; funding; and evaluation; 
  • Overview of the Fatherhood Development Curriculum; modeling of activities;
  • Facilitation practice; and
  • Networking with other practitioners.

Registration -To allow for full participation, registration is limited to 25 people based on a first come first served basis.  We recommend that project administrators and direct service staff attend together as a team for maximum benefit. The registration cost, which includes all workshop resources, is $375.00. You may register by fax or mail.  Contact NPCL at 202-429-2027 ( for more information. 

Cancellations/Substitutions Cancellations must be received in writing.  If you cancel your registration 15 or more business days before a workshop, your registration fee will be refunded, less a $100 enrollment charge.  No refunds may be made less than 15 days prior to your scheduled workshop.  However, you may send one designated substitute.  Please note that once you've selected and paid for a workshop, you will NOT be able to apply the fee to a future workshop.  NPCL reserves the right to make changes in workshops and facilitators, or cancel workshops if enrollment criteria are not met or when conditions beyond its control prevail.  Each registrant will be contacted if a workshop is cancelled.  If a workshop is not held for any reason, NPCL's liability is limited to the refund of the workshop fee.



Working With Young Fathers: Helping Fathers Develop
and Maintain Positive Relationships

Since Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers was first written in 1990, it has been used by hundreds of practitioners in their work with fathers.  We have heard many success stories as fathers have worked together to better understand themselves, renew their commitment to their children, and increase their parenting skills.  Although many fathers have also improved their relationship skills and found ways to work more co-operatively with the mothers of their children, even in some cases to the extent of formalizing their relationships through marriage, many practitioners have reported challenges in helping fathers manage their relationships with the mothers of their children.  In response to these challenges, we have developed six new curriculum sessions designed to help fathers develop co-operative (or "team") relationships with the mothers of their children and consider the benefits of marriage and commitment in their own and their children's lives. 

This new one-day workshop is primarily for graduates of NPCL's 3-day workshop "Working with Fathers: Building Skills for Practitioners," but it could also be appropriate for others working with fathers.  Workshop participants will: 

  • Receive the six new curriculum sessions and various workshop handouts.
  • Explore common relationship dynamics experienced by young parents.
  • Get hands-on experience with some of the new curriculum activities.
  • Receive tips on good facilitation practice.
  • Have the opportunity to network with other practitioners.
  • Learn about strategies to help young fathers acquire relationship skills that can lead to effective co-parenting and increased marriageability. 




February 15 - 17

  Washington, DC  


March 8 - 10

  Washington, DC  


April 18 - 20

  Washington, DC  


May 16 - 18

  Washington, DC  


July 25 - 27

  Washington, DC  


August 22 - 24

  Washington, DC


September 19 - 21 

  Washington, DC


October 17 - 19

  Washington, DC


November 14 - 16

  Washington, DC


December 16 - 18

  Washington, DC



Registration -The registration cost, which includes lunch and all workshop resources, is $375.  NOTE: If you register for a one-day workshop in conjunction with a scheduled 3-day workshop, you get a reduced one-day rate of $300. You may register by fax or mail.  Contact NPCL at 202-429-2027 ( ) for more information.


Strengthening Fragile Families Training Institute (SFFTI)

The Strengthening Fragile Families Training Institute (SFFTI) was designed by the National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL) and the PAIRS Foundation to offer an exciting training opportunity for practitioners working in community and faith-based organizations, and government agencies.  SFFTI draws upon the fifty years of combined experience of NPCL and PAIRS in working with fragile families on parenting and healthy relationships skills.

During SFFTI, NPCL staff focuses on building the skills of practitioners to work with low-income mothers and fathers based on NPCL’s Partners for Fragile Families Curriculum, and Working with Young Mothers Workbook. Training participants learn how to establish effective peer support groups, recruiting fathers, partnering with programs serving mothers and children, creating collaborative case management support systems, and techniques for facilitating training sessions for mothers and fathers. The NPCL Partners for Fragile Families Curriculum and Working with Young Mothers Workbook have five modules respectively, that serve as the foundation for understanding and working with low-income mothers and fathers including: Personal Development; Life Skills; Responsible Parenting; Relationship Building; and Developing Healthy Behaviors.

During SFFTI, PAIRS staff focuses on teaching the core skills for bonding and emotional literacy.  Based upon the work of Dr. Lori Gordon, this research based program teaches communication, problem solving, and confiding skills as well as skills for constructively working through emotions such as anger, sadness and fear.  Through interactive teaching and experiential exercises PAIRS has been teaching couples from all age groups, races, income status as well as the faith community.  The skills experienced and learned not only apply to adult relationships but also for parent-child relationships. 

All NPCL/PAIRS training sessions are interactive and utilize experiential learning techniques.  SFFTI is conducted over a four-day period from to each day with morning and afternoon breaks, and one hour for lunch.  At the conclusion of the four-day workshop each participant receives a NPCL/PAIRS completion certificate.

Strengthening Fragile Families Training Institute Schedule: 

July 10 - 13, Washington, DC

September 26 – 29, Washington, DC

November 7 – 10, Washington, DC

Registration -The registration cost, which includes all workshop resources, is $650. You may register by fax or mail.  Contact NPCL at 202-429-2027 ( ) for more information.

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Customized Workshops

 In addition to our public workshops, we offer a variety of customized workshops, which are tailored to the needs of particular organizations or communities

a. One-Day Workshops 

Our one-day customized workshops can be designed to deal with one or more of the following issues:

  • Raising awareness about the programmatic needs of young, low-income fathers. 
  • Exploring attitudes and potential biases towards young fathers and fragile families.
  •  Introducing strategies for working with young fathers in parenting and peer support groups. 
  • Helping agencies and staff become more father friendly.
  •  Developing plans to provide services to your fathers.  
  •  Encouraging networking and collaboration among agencies. 
  •  Evaluation of fatherhood programs. 

These one-day workshops are appropriate for staff from a wide variety of settings including social service agencies, juvenile justice programs, employment and training programs, child support enforcement agencies, schools substance abuse programs, teen parenting programs, hospitals, family planning and prenatal clinics, domestic violence programs, Head Start and other child care programs and youth development agencies. 

b. Customized Three-day Workshops 

A skill-building workshop similar to the aforementioned public workshops can be individually tailored for staff in your agency. The advantage of a customized workshop is that our trainers focus on your specific needs and the particular training needs of your staff.

In addition, you can contract with NPCL to bring our three-day skill building workshop to your community and then use your own networks and marketing strategies to register participants.

Unless otherwise indicated, all workshops will be held at:

The Thurgood  Marshall Center

1816 12th Street, NW

Washington, DC

For more information on customized workshops, please contact:

The National Partnership for Community Leadership

1875 I Street, NW,

Suite 500

Washington, D.C.  20006 

 Phone: 202-429-2027 
 Fax: 202-429-2028 

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